Update from the President Search Committee
An update from search committee chair Ed Bosveld on the progress of Redeemer's presidential search process
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May 31, 2017

The President Search Committee (PSC) held its first meeting on May 18. It is comprised of Ed Bosveld (Chair), Jason Schouten (Vice-Chair), Phil Apoll, Kristel Bulthuis, Hugh Cook, Judith Drost Storey, Kevin Flatt, Jim Vanderwoerd, John Van Huizen, in addition to non-voting members Jessica Mostert (recording secretary) and Fred Verwoerd (acting President).

The committee is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between Redeemer and executive search firm JobfitMatters, which will assist the committee in the search for a president.

JobfitMatters will be hosting two “listening post” sessions on campus in early June. The purpose of these sessions is to give the opportunity for faculty and staff to share their perspectives on Redeemer with the search firm. These perspectives will help JobfitMatters gain a deeper understanding of the institution and community, in order to accurately build a search profile and seek out the best candidates.

The PSC intends to communicate regular updates on its progress in the future and asks for prayer for some specific items:

  • Give thanks that the Committee has begun its work, and for those who have offered their time and talents to serve
  • Give thanks that a search firm has been selected and retained, and pray for a strong working relationship between the PSC and JobfitMatters
  • Pray for the PSC — for a positive, productive, and trusting working relationship among its members, and for the work of its chair
  • Pray for the staff of JobfitMatters, especially that they may develop a deep understanding of Redeemer’s vision and of its needs
  • Pray that the Spirit may work in the hearts of prospective suitable candidates so that they may feel a call to consider this position

Ed Bosveld
Chair, President Search Committee

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