Redemeer hosts prolific writer, preacher and professor
Dr. Willem Ouweneel shares insight with faculty, students and supporters
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September 23, 2014

Redeemer was host to another illustrious visitor from Holland this September. Dr. Willem Ouweneel is a prolific writer, preacher and professor of Philosophy and Systematic Theology. He is also a PhD three times over, with doctorates in biology, theology and philosophy. Dr. Ouweneel spent three days at Redeemer, sharing his work and ideas with a variety of groups. He talked with faculty about the influence and impact of Kuyperian philosophy. Dr. Ouweneel also hosted a colloquium for students, faculty and staff. He led a discussion about philosophy and theology for teaching and learning. Dr. Ouweneel spent a great deal of time investing in Redeemer’s students: he visited classes in religion, philosophy and psychology, on top of hosting community events. Dr. Ouweneel has put much thought into Reformed theology—his books include the titles Power In Service: An Introduction to Christian Political Thought and Wisdom for Thinkers: An Introduction to Christian Philosophy. He offered students and staff keen perspectives on how those ideas fit into the way we understand the world and the way we look at academics, teaching and learning. Dr. Ouweneel concluded his visit with a Learning Community event , during which he spoke about life’s origins, the Bible and science. In each event he attended, Dr. Ouweneel encouraged students, faculty and community members to critically examine the philosophy and theology they hold, leaving the Redeemer community with tools to strengthen their faith and minds.

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