Redeemer students eligible for OTG
Policy change means Ontario students can apply for grants
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January 21, 2014

President Hubert Krygsman is very pleased to announce today that the Ontario Government has changed the requirements so that Redeemer students are now eligible to receive the 30% Off Ontario Tuition Grant (OTG). For students from Ontario who qualify, this means they may apply to receive a non-repayable award to offset the cost of their Redeemer tuition. This change takes effect immediately. Students who apply for aid through Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) will automatically be considered for the grant without a separate application. This includes those who have already applied this year — if a student has received an OSAP award in 2013-14, they will be considered for an award of up to $865 to help cover their Winter 2014 tuition costs. Ontario students who did not apply for OSAP may also be eligible for the OTG grant. Just as there is with OSAP and most other awards, the OTG does have its own eligibility criteria, and there remains paperwork and processing to be completed. Further information will be sent to our students from our Financial Aid office. Although the OTG has been available to Ontario college and university students since 2012, it was restricted to students attending publicly-funded institutions. “We’re grateful that the Ontario provincial government has agreed to amend this policy so that our students are now considered for this award,” said President Hubert Krygsman. “And we are especially grateful to Brad Duguid, Minster of Training, Colleges and Universities, and our own MPP, Ted McMeekin (Minister of Community and Social Services), for their work on behalf of our students and their families. In the Ontario Government News Release, Minister Duguid said: “Expanding eligibility for the 30% Off Ontario Tuition Grant will help ensure that a postsecondary education in Ontario is accessible based on a student’s ability to learn, not their ability to pay. Our government remains committed to supporting one of the most generous student financial aid programs in Canada.” “All of this is great news, and we praise God for blessing the efforts to see this change implemented,” noted Dr. Krygsman. “The best result of this, of course, is that a Redeemer education will be more affordable for most Ontario students. But beyond that, it is yet another recognition of the legitimate place that Redeemer has in Ontario’s post-secondary system.” Details of the program are posted on the OSAP website – Redeemer’s Financial Aid office will be offering brief information sessions and providing links and updates. “What a week for Redeemer!” Dr. Kygsman proclaimed joyfully. “I hope that the entire Redeemer community will join me in thanking God for His wonderful provision in this. I also encourage our supporters to share this news with prospective students and their families.”

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