President Krygsman stirs it up at Soupfest
12th annual event in support of Living Rock Ministries
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January 28, 2014

President Krygsman was one of the celebrity servers who dished up in support of Living Rock’s Soupfest. This was the 12th annual event, with all the funds raised going to support the Hamilton ministry’s programs for youth-at-risk. “This is just such a great event for the city,” noted Dr. Krygsman. “I’ve been here every year since I came to Redeemer, and everybody in Hamilton goes. It is a simple, enjoyable way for the community to get together in support of a wonderful ministry.” As the guests walked through the Hamilton Convention Centre sampling the soups prepared by restaurants from across the region, Dr. Krygsman was able to meet all sorts of people, some who knew about Redeemer, and some who didn’t. “It’s great to talk to folks and share with them Redeemer’s mission and our impact on the community,” he said. “There is a lot of appreciation in the city for the work that we are doing.” He also met a lot of alumni at the event: “It was encouraging for me to see the impact that our students, current and former, are having in Hamilton. A lot of alumni are supporting ministries like Living Rock, either by working or volunteering, or through their presence at events like this. Redeemer truly is a part of, and a partner with, Hamilton.” All the proceeds from Soupfest will support Living Rock Ministries. Each week, it prepares 900 meals, provides emergency food to 200 youth, offers prenatal and parenting services, crisis and housing support. It also offers employment training and work experience throughout the week. Also on their website you can find details on purchasing The Soupfest Collection Recipe & Coupon Book. Each recipe in the book has been donated by top chefs from participating Soupfest restaurants from the Hamilton area.

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