Making Culture by Making Coffee
Jason Hofing talks about the unique places his Redeemer education has taken him
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September 26, 2013

When he was a student at Redeemer University College, Jason Hofing ’99 got involved in as many theatre productions as possible – more than fifteen by the time he graduated. He was also on a campus worship team, played club volleyball, and was a Residence Assistant. None of those would be considered as preparation for his current career, but without those experiences, he wouldn’t be where is now. Jason was the Owner and Head Roaster of Red Hill Coffee Trade and today is the Owner and Head Roaster at Relay Coffee in Hamilton, Ontario. He roasts fair trade, certified organic coffee in small batches and he sells the beans – and the great coffee it makes at Relay Coffee Bar in Hamilton and at restaurants and cafes throughout the city. Through his work, Jason and his wife Rachel are also bringing about positive changes in their community. It’s not what he planned to do, but in hindsight, his university education – and being open to doing new things — have helped prepare him for this role. “What’s great is you never know where God will take you – this whole coffee adventure I am on is unique to me because of the liberal arts education I received at Redeemer,” he says. “I was able to take courses that helped me through the stages we’re going through — such the chance to take a small business class…and being a theatre major helped me present myself well.” Jason tells his story in this video, the first alumni profile in a new series that examines the impact that Redeemer alumni, students and others have in their community. Known as Culture Makers, these videos and other stories reflect the transformative work that results as current and former students live out Redeemer’s mission of equipping students for lives of leadership and service under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

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