Images Changes Direction
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February 10, 2010

For those of you who may recall, the first issue of Images was published in February, 1987. It was three pages (one double-sided), stapled, and mailed to the roughly 200 alumni that Redeemer had on its mailing list at the time. Originally, Images was designed to be a newsletter for alumni–a publication to complement Reflections, which was first produced in 1982 to provide updates to Redeemer’s broader support community. Images was produced at the same time as Reflections and alumni were sent the two pieces packaged together. As the institution grew, readers of Reflections were more and more interested in reading about the impact of Redeemer’s alumni as recorded in Images. So in the fall of 1998, shortly after Redeemer was given the right to grant Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, the two publications were merged into one and Images was transformed into the magazine of the entire Redeemer support community, including alumni. Fast-forward to just over a decade later, and we have arrived at another milestone. With the dawn of a new presidency beckoning, and a new level of service and vitality, we have decided with this issue to retire the current format of Images. We have been thinking for some time now about how we can better present Redeemer to our supporters and the community-at-large. We are going to move to a publication that has two main areas of focus: To give the Redeemer community a forum for sharing their collective intellectual strength through compelling opinions/positions on current issues and affairs; and, To showcase the impact of our community work at every level–local, national, ecclesiastical, artistic, international, etc. Those two areas of focus will be addressed in a new magazine–Tangents–which will be introduced in April. To the scores of alumni, students, faculty and staff who have contributed to Images and Reflections over the last 28 years, we offer our heartfelt thanks. Your input and support helped establish those publications as a part of the fabric of Redeemer, and you have played a key role in telling Redeemer’s story. We look forward to your continued support as we share more of Redeemer and its impact on the world with you in Tangents.

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