Prof. Ashley Barkman

Adjunct Lecturer in Philosophy


Programs: Philosophy


MTS (2008), University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.

CELTA (2005), Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK.

MA (2002), University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.

BA (Hons), 2001, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.


  • Aesthetics (PHL-248)
  • Faith and Philosophy (PHL-210)
  • Expository Writing I (ENG-201)


Ashley Barkman has taught part time in the Philosophy and English Departments at four post-secondary institutions. She has published on film and aesthetics and illustrated several covers for scholarly books.

Research Interests

  • Aesthetics
  • Social philosophy

Research Publications

Barkman, Ashley, Adam Barkman and Nancy Kang, ed. The Culture and Philosophy of Ridley Scott. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2013.

Barkman, Ashley. “The End is Nigh: Life, Death and Armageddon.” In J.J. Abrams and Philosophy. Edited by Pat Brace and Robert Arp. Lexington, KT: University of Kentucky Press, 2014.

Barkman, Ashley. “Maternal Guidance Askew: Mama’s Boys and Unmotherly Mamas in The Big Bang Theory.” In The Big Bang Theory and Philosophy. Edited by Dean Kowalski. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.

Barkman, Ashley. “Massacring Feminism? Walking Dead and Women in a Zombie Apocalypse.” In Walking Dead and Philosophy. Edited by Wayne Yuen. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.

Barkman, Ashley. “The Brink of Extinction: Korean Religio-Philosophical Traditions in Ark Angels.” In Manga and Philosophy. Edited by Adam Barkman and Josef Steiff. Chicago: Open Court, 2010.

Barkman, Ashley. “And the Fellowship Award Goes to…Third Wave Feminism?” In 30 Rock and Philosophy. Edited by J. Jeremy Wisnewski. Oxford: Blackwell, 2010.

Barkman, Ashley. “Mad Women: Aristotle, Second Wave Feminism and the Women in Mad Men.” In Mad Men and Philosophy. Edited by James South and Rod Carveth. Oxford: Blackwell, 2010.