Travelling To Canada

You will need to follow all the regulations and protocols that apply to the airline(s) and airport(s) that you will be part of your travel to canada.

You are responsible to be aware and follow the COVID protocols that the Canadian government has established for individuals entering Canada. These regulations can be found Here and Here. Please check frequently as these regulations can change frequently.

Further details: International Students Entering Canada

First year International Students will be offered transportation from the airport to Redeemer’s campus upon their arrival to Canada in September but they will need to find their own transportation to and from airports/buses/trains for any future travel. Contact Cathy Penelton ( Associate Dean of Students, ) to make arrangements.

Airports that are close to Redeemer University:

Family travelling with you to Canada: Please note that if your family members wish to travel with you, there may be specific documentation (such as an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) that is required of them by the Government of Canada). One resource to help determine what documentation your family will need is linked HERE. Please be aware that other documents may be required of you. It is important that you view the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for further information.

Nearby Hotels:

Visitors Inn
649 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON
(905) 529-6979 or 1-800-387-4620

Comfort Inn – Hamilton
183 Centennial Pkwy N.
Hamilton, ON

Marriott Courtyard
1224 Upper James Street
Hamilton, ON  L9C 3B1
(905) 383-7772

Super 8 Motel
2975 Homestead Dr.
Mount Hope, ON

Admiral Inn
149 Dundurn Street North
Hamilton, ON

Sheraton Hamilton Hotel
116 King Street West
Hamilton, ON

The Barracks Inn
425 Wilson St E
Ancaster, ON 
(289) 445-1234

Haven Inn
1870 Main St W #1 
Hamilton ON 

Days Inn 
210 Main St. E 
Hamilton ON 
L8N 1H3

What To Bring


Southern Ontario experiences a mix of weather conditions and seasons. It can be very hot (June-September; 20 C to 34 C) and also very cold (December-March; -20 C to 5 C ). During the winter season snow is common and can last for several months. You should plan for a diverse wardrobe. In particular, you will need a winter jacket, gloves/mittens and boots. These can be purchased in Canada at retail or thrift stores and are likely needed closer to the end of October.


If you are living in campus housing, please refer to the Residence Life Handbook (add link) for a list of what to bring and what not to bring. You may wish to purchase needed items when you are in Canada.

Internet Access

Free internet access is available throughout Redeemer’s campus. This includes classrooms, facilities and campus housing.

Internet data is a feature that can be added to most mobile phone plans at your own expense, if needed.

Mobile Phone

It is advisable that you plan to purchase a mobile phone and/or mobile plan after you arrive in Canada. International phones may or may not work on the Canadian cellular networks.

Canadian mobile providers offer two basic kinds of plans: term contract plans and pay-as-you go plans (pay per month, no contract). You will need to decide what plan will best suit your mobile needs. Pay-as-you-go plans are often well suited for the international student experience.

Mobile providers to consider (just a few examples):

Medical Insurance

All international students must have health insurance while studying in Canada. All International students are automatically enrolled with the insurance provider Redeemer is currently using to provide health coverage unless you can show current coverage under OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance) or any Canadian Provincial Health Insurance Plan. 

This coverage will be effective upon your arrival date and billed directly to your student account. You will receive an enrollment form to complete prior to your arrival. This insurance plan is comprehensive and you can view the benefit summaries in the insurance plan guidebook. Once you arrive you will receive a benefit card to display when you access health services such as doctor offices, pharmacies or hospitals. The student guide for this insurance can be found  on the Redeemer App at 

Questions or concerns should be directed to Cathy Penelton, Associate Dean of Students at

Redeemer University also has a student health clinic on campus. The clinic is staffed by a medical professional. Appointments can booked


There are several shopping areas within a 5-15 minute drive (30 minute walk) of Redeemer University. Public transportation is available. These areas contain a selection of retail options for clothing, groceries, electronics, home needs, office supplies, and other items. . 


As part of their fees Redeemer students receive a bus pass to the public Hamilton Street Railway. There is HSR bus service to campus. Students who use the public system should familiarize themselves with the bus schedules and routes. The bus pass is valid starting the second week of September 2022.

Taxi, UBER and other transportation services can be arranged at your own personal expense.


There are a number of banks located a 20 minute walk away from our campus. Canadian banks are trustworthy. If you wish to set up a Canadian bank account (which is necessary to work in Canada), expect it to take at least two weeks.

The following are some Canadian banks that you could consider:

Campus Housing Policy

For the 2022/23 academic year, students going into their first and second year of their academic program -OR- students who are born on or after Jan 1, 2003 are required to live in housing. Students who are 23 years of age or older and going into their first year of their academic program are not required or guaranteed a spot in residence. The exception to this policy are students who are living at home with their parents or legal guardians. The required housing policy only applies to traditional undergrad students who are not married.


Redeemer University holds two orientation programs for new students. These programs are important because they assist new students in transition into life at Redeemer. The programs involves a variety of information, social and fun activities that are designed to help you become familiar with Redeemer University and the surrounding area.

  1. New International Student Orientation (September 1st to September 2nd). You will receive further details, information and scheduling for this orientation. This program is designed specifically for students who are new to Canada and to Redeemer. Contact person: Cathy Penelton, Associate Dean of Students,
  2. LAUNCH Orientation Program (September 3-6, 2022). You will receive further details, information and scheduling for this orientation. This program is designed for ALL new students (domestic and international). For information about LAUNCH click here. Contact person: Bethany Davis, Student Engagement Coordinator,

General Expenses

The following is a basic list of expenses that you should be aware of while living in Canada. This list is not exhaustive but should help with your budgeting. *Note that all costs listed below are in Canadian dollars.

ExpenseApproximate Costs
(in Canadian dollars)
Campus Housing$6,640-$7,640
Campus Meal Plan$2,020-$3,082
Various Student Fees$600-800Extra: Co-op fees, music lesson fees, etc)
Text Books & Course Materials$500-$1,000
Medical/Health Insurance$48.00/month (Sept 1, 2022 to Aug 31, 2023) billed to your student account This is required for all international students 
Mobile Phone$200-$1,000 (to purchase an unlocked phone)
Canadian Mobile Phone Plan$25-$100/month
International Calling Phone Plan (if needed)$25-$50/month
Winter Jacket/Boots$100-$250
Personal (Clothing, bedding, toiletries, haircuts, snacks, hobbies, entertainment, etc)Varies on personal needs

Christmas Break

Christmas In Canada

Christmas is a significant holiday in Canada. On Christmas Day and the following day (Boxing Day), almost all businesses and organizations are closed. Families tend to gather for celebrations. Often the celebrations extend several days and involve the giving of gifts and special meals.

Christmas Housing

Redeemer University and campus housing will be closed between academic terms during the Christmas season. If you are living on campus, you will need to find alternative housing from December 20, 2022 – January 6, 2023. Campus housing will open again on Saturday, January 7, 2023.  

Summer Break

The summer break begins after the Winter term (April 27, 2022). Some campus housing may be available but is subject to university planning, policy and scheduling. Students are encouraged to inquire with campus services during the spring term to determine availability at 

Most university students find jobs until the fall academic term begins in September. If you are staying in Canada for the summer break (May-August), international students need to follow the legal employment conditions that pertain to your study permit. Some international students choose to return to their home country for the summer months and come back to Canada for the fall term.

Important University Dates

(Also Includes Canadian Holidays/Special Days)

2022 Dates

September 1-2, 2022: New International Student Orientation
September 3: New Student Move-In Day & Orientation Begins
September 3-6: New Student Orientation Activities
September 5: Labour Day
September 6: Fall Term Night Classes Begin
September 7: Fall Term Day Classes Begin
September 30: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
October 10:  Thanksgiving Day – No Classes
October 27-28: Reading Break – No Classes
November 11: Remembrance Day
December 12-20: Exams
December 20: 2022 Fall Term Officially Concludes
December 21 – January 6: Christmas Break (University residence halls are closed)
December 24 – January 1: University Campus Is Closed
December 25: Christmas Day – No classes
December 26: Boxing Day – No classes

2023 Dates

January 1, 2023: New Year’s Day (No classes)
January 7: Residence Halls Reopen
January 9: Winter Term Classes Begin
February 20-24: Reading Break – No Classes
February 20: Family Day- No Classes
April 7: Good Friday – No Classes
April 10: Easter Monday – Classes Are In Session
April 18-26: Exams
April 26: 2023 Winter Term Officially Concludes
April 27: Last Day To Move Out University Residence Halls
April 27: Summer Break Begins
May 22: Victoria Day
May 27: Graduation (Primarily for graduating students)
July 1: Canada Day
August 7: Civic Holiday