Saturday April 6, 2019

Art Gallery

Five of Redeemer’s senior art students will exhibit a semester’s worth of artwork in part two of the final exhibition of the academic year.

The exhibition opening will be on April 6th from 7:00-9:00 p.m. All are welcome!


Shawni Kitts

Shawni’s art style shows an exploration of various textures and organic shapes/lines. By working in an abstract way, she is able to keep her work more ambiguous which allows viewers to keep an open mind about what they are seeing and allows them to come up with their own ideas. She works with a variety of different mediums and by combining them, she can tackle many questions that do not always have solid answers. How does fear and the absence of the fear look in comparison to one another? How do we go back and forth between the two? Through the use of mixed media (acrylic pours, textiles and glass), Shawni plans to incorporate a variety of textures that encompass the feeling of an all-consuming fear, and the peace that comes when it is absent.


Hannah Birnie

Psalm 46:1, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” For most of us, He feels so far away – absent, intangible. When we need Him most, He seems nowhere to be found, but little do we know He is fighting for us every step of our journeys. Through a series of realism playing off of abstraction, I will explore the safety under God’s wings, and the protection that He provides for us even as we fight our hardest battles.


Bethany Boville

The story of Icarus is often told as a story of humanity reaching for divinity, or an arrogant boy who should have listened to his father, but it’s more than that. Icarus was more than a foolish boy, and this series of works attempts to understand a more personal side to the story. What was Icarus looking for in the clouds? Was it the sun? Or something else?


Sarah McGibbon

How can we create space to grow? Where do we thrive? Sarah explores the importance of appreciating detail and being aware of our surroundings by looking to plants and their relationships.