Saturday April 7, 2018 - Saturday May 26, 2018

On Campus in the Art Gallery

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Six of Redeemer’s senior art students will exhibit a semester’s worth of artwork in the final exhibition of the academic year.

Exhibition opening will be on April 7 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. All are welcome!

Maggie deBruyn: ReBirth

Looking back in art history, the standard of beauty portrayed in many paintings is not what we are often presented with in media today. Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus is one such example; the goddess of love, sex and beauty is painted with lanky limbs, noticeable curves and a soft stomach. In her final exhibition, Maggie deBruyn is exploring the topic of women and body image through a series of life-sized portraits. She is interested in the stories our bodies can tell and the narrative that history has set before women. Using the imagery of the goddess of beauty creates an opening for a discussion surrounding expectations and realities, and hopefully the importance of loving our bodies.

Erica Eisses

Erica Eisses’s exhibition explores the nuances of the common. This series focuses on the natural progressions and cyclical development that occurs throughout a life. Her work will demonstrate the resilience and dimensions of humanity. Change, growth and progression are structured into our immediate and long-term experiences. This collection is a framework for how we view our own challenges and our place within the greater world. Her work will demonstrate our perpetual learning and making of mistakes. It is our nature to pursue reconciliation. Working from her own understanding, questions and challenges, Erica’s creative process reflects her pursuit of clarity, her view of simplistic living and her wrestling with tribulation.

Stephanie Ten Hove

Tree planting: what is the first thing that comes to mind? The drunkenness, the wild parties, the almost-hippie living? Or maybe it is the quick cash that can be made if you work hard enough. Or maybe you don’t really have a clue what tree planting is all about. If this is you, that’s okay, the majority of the population is in that boat. But Stephanie Ten Hove wants to dive deeper, take a closer look at the tree planting culture. As a tree planter for two summers, Stephanie has experienced what it is like to live in some of Ontario’s remote regions, carrying out what has been rated as one of the toughest jobs in North America. She wishes to demonstrate that tree planting is more than what it is known for.

Francis Germain: Apolutrosis

A shadow art exhibit by Francis Germain made to illustrate Psyche’s final task from the tale of Cupid and Psyche.

Love, jealousy, suffering, loyalty, forgiveness, beauty and death can all be used to describe the story of Cupid and Psyche. It begins with Psyche falling prey to the deceit of her jealous sisters and betraying the trust of her husband Cupid. As a result of her mistake Psyche has to complete the impossible tasks of her jealous mother-in-law Venus. The final task Psyche is told to travel to the underworld and get beauty from Proserpina, the wife of Hades. Psyche despairs. How can she travel to the underworld without embracing death herself? This final chapter in the story brings together the struggle of leading a faithful life, the futility of struggling alone and questions what it means to persist in the face of death for beauty and love.

Kristina Grant

Kristina Grant attempts to prove the existence of God in her exhibition. Combining elements that are traditionally taboo in the art world, Kristina has rewired them into an extraordinary series of highly textured and monochromic pieces. A Trinitarian sensory experience will be offered to you with the ability to challenge your visual and tactile senses, while giving you an opportunity to connect your sense of smell to the surrounding aroma. Only through God is science and art surprisingly similar, like bruises and sunsets and goose bumps and raindrops. Allow yourself to be immersed within this exploration of the unconscious, in order to cultivate an exquisite and aesthetic understanding of the universe.

Danielle McClymonth

Creating video, a website and a series of photographs, McClymonth’s project shows how a myriad of small decisions and gestures can culminate in something compelling and unique. Sometimes the process becomes, in itself, the work of art.


December 1, 2023

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