Design a comprehensive business plan for a prospective business. Learn how to effectively nurture and manage a start-up venture given its unique opportunities and challenges. Pitch your business model to experienced entrepreneurs, and learn from their wisdom.
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Begin to speak accounting, the “language of business”. Learn how transactions and events related to cash, receivables, long-lived assets, liabilities, and equity are captured in financial terms and are compiled into financial statements. Read and interpret financial statements, and compare performance from one year to the next or one business to the next.
Introduction to Financial Accounting (BUS‑127);
Introduction to Managerial Accounting
Apply basic tools to determine what it costs to deliver products and services, what activities drive costs up or down in your business, what volume of business you need to achieve your desired level of profit, and what costs are relevant for making decisions about special orders, make or buy decisions, product pricing, and capital investments. Prepare and use budgets to translate your business goals into monetary terms.
Introduction to Managerial Accounting (BUS‑204);
Management Information Systems
Discover the strategic role of information technology and management information systems in organizations. Learn about hardware and software. Gather, analyze, and use data, information, and knowledge to make well-informed business decisions.
Management Information Systems (BUS‑225);
Operations Management
Learn how to manage the processes used to transform inputs into products and services. Design products, select production processes, and layouts, forecast product/service demand, manage supply chains, schedule production, and ensure quality.
Operations Management (BUS‑345) Year 4 standing

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