Half course (1.5 credits)$889.57
Full course (3 credits)$1,799.14
Full year (10 course)$17,991.44

Education Affinity Award

Full-time students of Redeemer University that have been admitted into the Bachelor of Education program and are entering their first year of full-time studies of the Education program may be eligible for the Education Affinity Award. Eligible recipients must have completed a minimum of 10 courses (30 credits) at Redeemer University to receive the Education Affinity Award. The award grants $1,000 for every year of full-time undergraduate study completed at Redeemer (up to $4,000). The award will be granted based on the number of years of full-time study (minimum of 4 courses per term) completed during undergraduate degree studies at Redeemer University. This is a one-time only award that is not eligible for renewal.

Tuition & Aid FAQ

Can I work while enrolled in the B.Ed program?

Our program can only be taken in a full time capacity and our semesters are rigorous.  With our program regularly switching between studies at Redeemer and full time practicum placements, students will find it difficult to maintain employment while enrolled in the program.