We believe that character development happens in the classroom as much as outside of it. Our faculty teach, mentor and disciple students through learning. The integration of faith and cross-discipline exploration in the classroom challenges students to examine and rediscover everything they learn in light of their deepest beliefs.

Dr. Vahagn Asatryan

Associate Professor of Business
Ph.D. (2006), Management & Marketing, Foodservice &...More

Dr. Adam Barkman

Professor of Philosophy, Series Editor of Lexington Books’ Critical Companion to Contemporary Directors
Ph.D. (2009), Philosophy, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.;...More

Dr. Edward Berkelaar

Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies, Associate Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Ph.D. (2000), Ecotoxicology, University of Guelph;...More

Dr. Amber Bowen

Assistant Professor of Core Studies and Philosophy
Ph.D. (2021), Philosophy, Trinity College, University of...More

Dr. Morgan Braganza

Assistant Professor of Social Work
Ph.D. (2020), Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier University,...More

Dr. Darren Brouwer

Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D. (2003), Chemistry, University of British Columbia;...More

Prof. Laurie Busuttil

Associate Professor of Business
M.B.A. (2011), McMaster University; M.T.S. (McMaster...More

Dr. Raymond B. Chiu

Assistant Professor of Business
Ph.D. (2017), Management of Organizational Behaviour and...More

Dr. Lisa Devall-Martin

Assistant Professor of Education
Ph.D. (2017), Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education;...More

Dr. Karen Dieleman

Professor of English
Ph.D. (2006), English, McMaster University. Dissertation:...More

Dr. Jantina Ellens

Sessional Assistant Professor of English and the Core program
Ph.D. (2021), English and Cultural Studies, McMaster...More

Dr. Timothy Epp

Professor of Sociology
Ph.D. (1999), Anthropology, York University;...More

Dr. Ben Faber

Associate Professor of English
D.Phil. (1992), University of Oxford; Dissertation: The...More

Dr. Kevin Flatt

Professor of History, Associate Dean of Humanities
Ph.D. (2009), History, McMaster University; M.A. (2004),...More

Dr. Marie Good

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. (2011), Psychology (Lifespan Development), Brock...More

Dr. Michael Haykin

Visiting Professor of History
Th. D. (1982) Church History, Wycliffe College, University...More

Prof. Phil Irish

Associate Professor of Art
M.F.A. (2012), Visual Art, York University, Toronto, ON.;...More
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Dr. Jessica Joustra

Assistant Professor of Religion and Theology
Ph.D. (2019), Christian Ethics, Fuller Theological...More

Dr. Robert Joustra

Associate Professor of Politics & International Studies, Director of Mentoring
Ph.D. (2013), International Relations, University of Bath;...More

Dr. Jonathan Juilfs

Associate Professor of English
Ph.D. (2011), Medieval Studies, The Medieval Institute,...More

Dr. Gloria Kim

Assistant Professor of Health Sciences
Ph.D., (2018), Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of...More

Dr. Joel Klinck

Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D. (2012), Biology, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON.;...More

Dr. Terry Loerts

Associate Professor, School of Education, Practicum Supervisor
Ph.D. (2014), Curriculum Studies with a focus on literacy....More

Dr. Jonathan Loopstra

Professor of History
Ph.D. (2009), Early Christian Studies, The Catholic...More

Dr. Lorenzo Love

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Doctorate of Philosophy in Kinesiology (2020); Western...More

Dr. Dianne Elizabeth Moroz

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Ph.D. (2022), Faculty of Health, Department of Kinesiology,...More

Dr. Doug Needham

Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. Psychology, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON.;...More

Dr. Sean Schat

Assistant Professor of Education
Ph. D. (2019). Cognition and Learning, Brock University,...More

Dr. Lindsey Short

Associate Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. (2014), Developmental Psychology, Brock University;...More

Dr. Doug Sikkema

Assistant Professor of Core Studies and English
Ph.D. (2021), English Language and Literature; University...More

Dr. Jane Sinden

Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education, Associate Professor of Education
Ph.D. (2007), Education, University of Western Ontario;...More

Dr. Kyle Spyksma

Associate Professor of Mathematics & Physics, Interim Vice President, Academic
Ph.D. (2007), Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, McGill...More

Dr. Murray Stiller

Professor of Media and Communication Studies
Ph.D. (2015), Media Communication (summa cum-laude);...More

Dr. Michael Strating

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. (2021), Adult Clinical Psychology, University of...More

Dr. Christiaan Teeuwsen

Professor of Music
Doctor Musical Arts (1987), Organ Performance, University...More

Dr. Phil Teeuwsen

Dean, School of Education, Associate Professor, School of Education
Ph.D. (2016), Educational Studies, Brock University, St....More

Ron van der Heiden

Biology Laboratory Instructor
M.Sc. (1987), McMaster UniversityB.Sc. (1981), University...More

Dr. John Van Rys

Professor of English, Associate Dean of Arts
Ph.D. (1991), English, Dalhousie University;...More

Prof. Susan J. Van Weelden

Professor of Business, Dean of Business
CPA, CMA (1990); M.B.A. (1988), Accounting, McMaster...More

Dr. Kevin Vander Meulen

Professor of Mathematics, Director of Research
Ph.D. (1995), Mathematics and Statistics, Queen’s...More

Dr. James R. Vanderwoerd

Professor of Social Work, Associate Dean of Social Sciences
Ph.D. (2003), Social Welfare, Case Western Reserve...More

Dr. James Wood

Assistant Professor of Ministry
Ph. D. (2022), Theology, University of Toronto ;...More

Prof. Jason N. Yuh

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Ph.D. (2023), New Testament and Early Christianity,...More

Dr. Yong Fang Zhu

Assistant Professor of Health Sciences and Biology
Ph.D. (2011), Neuroscience & Behavioural Science,...More

Dr. David Zietsma

President, Associate Professor of History
Ph.D. (2007), History, University of Akron;...More

Prof. Ashley Barkman

Adjunct Lecturer in Philosophy
MTS (2008), University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.; CELTA...More

Prof. Nicole Benbow

Adjunct Lecturer in History
M.A. (2011) History, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON.;...More

Prof. Laura Benjamins

Adjunct Lecturer in Music
Ph.D. (In Progress), Music Education, Western University,...More

Dr. Roger Bergs

Adjunct Professor of Music
Mus. Doc. (Composition), 2005, University of Toronto,...More

Prof. Josiah Bokma

Adjunct Lecturer in Religion
MDiv – Church in the City stream, (2016), Tyndale...More

Prof. Ed Bosveld

Adjunct Lecturer in Law and Public Policy
M.B.A. Business Administration and Management (2006),...More

Dr. Deborah C. Bowen

Professor Emerita of English
Ph.D. (1990), English, University of Ottawa;...More

Prof. Trevor Brown

Adjunct Lecturer in Education
M.A. (1981) Mathematics, York University, Toronto, ON.;...More

Prof. Brittany Burdick

Adjunct Lecturer in Art
M.A. Art History (2018), Concordia University, Montreal,...More
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Prof. Jordan Burgsma

Adjunct Lecturer in Education
M.Ed. (2019), Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON.;...More

Prof. Justin Cook

Adjunct Lecturer in Education
M.A (Cand.) Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto, ON.;...More

Prof. Loretta de Blieck

Adjunct Lecturer in Mathematics
B.Ed. (2011) Western University, London, ON.; M. Math....More

Prof. Steven Decoster

Adjunct Lecturer in Geography
M.Sc. (1993), Bio-Engineering Sciences, Ghent University,...More

Prof. Geri DeWeerd

Adjunct Lecturer in Business
CPA, CMA (1992).

Prof. Bill Fledderus

Adjunct Lecturer in English
M.A. (1995), English/Creative Writing, University of...More

Prof. Letitia Fluit

Adjunct Lecturer in Business
TEP (Trust & Estate Practitioner): 2020; CFP (Certified...More

Prof. Thomas Froese

Adjunct Lecturer in English
M.F.A. (2012), Creative Writing, Seattle Pacific...More

Prof. Jonathan Kooiman

Adjunct Lecturer in Business

Dr. Mark Lambert

Adjunct Professor of Physics
Ph.D. (1992), Physical Chemistry, York University, Toronto,...More

Prof. Chuck Ma

Adjunct Professor of Business
EMBA, (2020), Quantic School of Business and Technology,...More

Prof. Meaghan MacKie

Adjunct Lecturer in Kinesiology
M.Sc. (2010), Physiotherapy, McMaster University, Hamilton,...More

Dr. Ricardo Marroquin

Adjunct Professor of Languages
PQP (2017), Supporting teachers with English language...More

Prof. Judith Robinson

Adjunct Lecturer in English
MFA, (1995), Playwriting, University of Iowa, Iowa City,...More

Dr. Peter Schuurman

Adjunct Professor of Religion
Ph.D. (2016), Religious Studies, University of Waterloo,...More

Prof. Baiyu Andrew Song

Adjunct Lecturer in History
Ph.D. cand., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,...More

Prof. Pauline VanderVelde

Adjunct Lecturer in Education
ETFO- AQ ESL (2013) Level I & II Secondary, English as...More

Prof. Helen Vreugdenhil

Adjunct Lecturer in History
MA (1988), History, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.;...More

Dr. Michael R. Wagenman

Adjunct Professor of Religion and Theology
Ph.D., University of Bristol, Bristol, UK; M.Div., Calvin...More

Prof. Abbey Wensink

Adjunct Lecturer in Health Sciences and Kinesiology
MOMsc (Cert OOA, 2018), Canadian Academy of Osteopathy,...More

Petra Zantingh

Adjunct Lecturer in Art
MA (2014) Fine Art Education, Concordia UniversityThesis:...More
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