Current Students

Redeemer students may be available at any time during the year. The options for work within your organization may occur on a full time, part time, or short term basis.

Co-operative Education Students

Co-op students participate in supervised work assignments.  The requirement is that their roles are full-time over the course of two, eight-month work terms. The first work term takes place over the winter and spring terms of third year. Students are available for recruiting during the prior fall term. The second work term takes place during the summer and fall terms prior to fourth year.  Students should be recruited during the prior winter term. Employers can hire co-op students from three program areas:  business (accounting, management, marketing, and not-for-profit management), kinesiology and mission & ministry.


In their third and fourth years of study, students seek relevant career experience through an internship. Interns will work in a business or not-for-profit organization under the direction of an employer supervisor. Typically, they work 120 hours in total, accomplished by working for an employer for ten hours per week over the course of one semester. Some may be able to complete an internship in the summer, depending on their program. Internships may be paid or unpaid.

Summer Students

Summer roles are usually advertised to students during the Winter term although some employers begin advertising as early as December. Summer job postings may continue to be received until the July.

Other Work/Study Options

Redeemer University has developed a number of opportunities for off-campus study. For information, go to our Off-Campus Studies page.

Volunteering and Community Service Learning

These opportunities for learning are integral to the university experience. Volunteering and CSL can engage students, educators, and society to learn from each other while working toward outcomes that are mutually beneficial. The Career Centre provides several resources to help connect students with meaningful service opportunities throughout Hamilton and beyond. Through meaningful, reflective service in the community, Redeemer students are learning and serving alongside these community partners. For more information follow this link to our Volunteer Opportunities page.


Looking for a new hire? Many employers come to Redeemer because they see the benefits of hiring our graduates. Redeemer graduates are an asset to any workplace. Our students learn to think independently and work to solve problems in our interconnected world. Many programs at Redeemer combine classroom learning with valuable workplace experience so you can expect our grads to be ready upon graduation. Most complete their studies in April of their final year.

Student Programs

Redeemer’s many study areas and degree programs are supported by a variety of work and learning options for students.  Click on the links for more information about the Degree Programs and post-graduation alumni.